Pre Conference Workshops

Introduction to Social Role Valorization and Creating Home: Foundations for High Quality Residential Support

Participants will be introduced to the frameworks of Social Role Valorization, which offers a helpful way to understand the social treatment of people who have been marginalized and oppressed, and covers practical ways to work to uplift and give them access to a full, rich and meaningful life.

This rigorous and active one-day course will focus on creating responsive and effective residential services. Creating true home for vulnerable people, especially people with developmental and psychosocial disability, is a challenge facing families, government, organizations, people with disability, and advocates. The lessons learned from western service models of group homes and institutional care yield both lessons and cautions in what is being created here in India. Indeed, the residential system of care is being built now, and designing programs that work is essential in securing the futures of so many people and families across India. This one-day workshop examines some of the major themes in crafting home for vulnerable people. Building on some of the concepts taught and learned in Social Role Valorization, we’ll cover using the culturally valued analogue as a starting point for service design, methods to individualize support, the art of creating home, and practical analysis of the impact of the physical environment, location, size, and groupings of residential services. We’ll touch on the art of home-building, and issues of autonomy, rights management, and freedom.


Elizabeth “Betsy” Neuville serves dual roles as Executive Director of the Keystone Institute, a US-based educational Institute, and Director of Keystone Institute India. She has over 30 years of experience at Keystone as a human service worker, administrator, agency director, evaluator, educator, and personal advocate, as well as extensive experience in designing and developing supports for very vulnerable people, meaningful quality measurements, and extraordinary employee development programs.
Betsy has worked extensively with the ideas of Normalization and Social Role Valorization, and provides training and consultation both nationally and internationally. She is fully accredited by the North American Social Role Valorization as a senior trainer of SRV. She has led SRV and person-centered practice initiatives in Canada, across the United States, Ireland, the UK, France, Holland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova. She studied under the mentorship of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, the developer and foremost proponent of Social Role Valorization, and has, in turn, mentored and supported a generation of people committed to personal human service to others. She remains closely personally connected to people who are vulnerable, and holds particular interest in the historical treatment of people with disabilities.

For: Professionals, family members, leaders and emerging leaders who are currently operating residential services for people with disabilities and for those who plan to establish similar services.

Date and Venue: 8th December 2018, 8:30 am to 6pm Venue: United Theological College, #63, Miller’s Road, Bangalore 560046